I am a professor in Geotechnical Engineering at Aalto University. Before coming to Finland, I have been to the UK where I made my PhD degree (Durham) and Australia for a post-doctoral stunt at the University of Newcastle. Now, I am learning Finnish and appreciate Finnish culture while doing research, teaching and advising at Aalto University. As well as everything else my job requires.

My research is related to numerical methods, those include Material Point Method and Finite Element Method. However, mainly, I am interested in applying those methods to solve important problems of today. I am interested, for example, in prediction and simulation of landslides and avalanches, event which takes life of hundreds every year. I also work on safe design of underground nuclear waste storages, an important problem for nations which chose to use nuclear power for satisfying their electricity needs.

I am committed to highest quality research, neutral to ideology and not yielding to external pressures. I believe in hard work and in changing the world for the better, day by day, smile by smile. Also, I strongly believe in academic and industrial cooperation as well as free exchange of ideas – so if you like to cooperate, please let me know.

My home page at Aalto

My slightly outdated cv: Solowski_CV_17_10_2016a