Some recent presentations:

Material Point Method: the past and the future” – presented on 25th of October at 32nd Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics, Oulu.

MaterialPoint Method: overview, challenges and the road ahead” – MPM presentation in Gdańsk, Delft, Durham and Liverpool, 2nd July – 12th July 2019 , as well as Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Hamburg, August 2019
THMC coupled modelling of unsaturated soils” – presentation in Gdańsk and Durham, 2nd July – 12th July 2019, as well as in Gothenburg, August 2019

Public Lecture of Prof. Dragan Grgic
(GeoRessources Laboratory, Université de Lorraine) at Aalto University, 8th April 2019 Microstructural characterization and numerical evaluation of the effective elastic properties of oolitic rocks

MPM 2019 conference in Cambridge:

Jan 2019 seminar at Imperial College London: